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Weddings - Flower Girls  Ring Bearers  Junior Bridesmaids

At Tiny Threads, we can create the perfect outfit for your flower girl, ring bearer and junior bridesmaid.  We also make custom accessories such as ring bearer pillows, garters, etc..


My 4 beautiful flower girls' dresses were designed and created by me without any of the girls even being around for fittings.  They were all out of state and we had to get them measured and I used their measurements to create their white satin dresses.

Alyssa was a doll in her custom-made white chiffon tiered flower girl dress for her uncle's black and white wedding.


The girls were happy with their ivory satin flower girl dresses with gold sash and flower.


These 2 adorable girls' dresses were created by me when their mom brought in a photo of what she wanted.  Ruffle socks were provided and well as ballet flats.


Kelly was a beautiful bride and her attendants were outfitted in white satin dresses with an organza overlay on the skirt and red sashes and flowers.


Layla loved being a flower girl.  This was a winter wedding so I made her a white rosebud fur caplet.  Her dress was layers of satin with a baby blue sash and bow.  Tiny lace gloves, flower girl basket, socks and tights were all provided and trimmed to match.  She loved the gloves soooooooooo much, she would not take them off all day.  lol


Ava was one of my smallest flower girls.  Her white satin petal dress sported baby blue petals and sash coordinated with a matching hair bow and fancy pants.


Lynn was even tinier when her uncle got married.  Her white satin dress with organza overlay and cobalt blue sash perfectly coordinated with the rest of the wedding party.


The boys looked very handsome in their black satin tuxedos.


Sydney was a flower girl in a black and white wedding.  I customized her white pick-up dress with a black sash and flower.


My biggest wedding to date.  I custom-made all the junior bridesmaids dresses in baby blue white satin with white straps and ribbons.  I added a sash and flower petals to the flower girls white satin petal dresses.  What an accomplishment!


Molly was a cutie pie in her white ruffled dress and matched the bride.


Dan, Sarah and Sonia.

Katie, Carly and Michaelia wore custom-made cotton floral dresses for a Florida wedding.

Sabrina wore a white satin and organza flower girl dress with a baby blue sash.

A custom-made blue satin dress with short sleeves.

Brian helped his brother Tanner carry the custom-made ring bearer pillow down the aisle.  It was made in a heart shape with a hanky from the bride's grandmother adorning the front.


Kayla and Brittany's custom-made satin and chiffon dresses had princess waists and boat necklines.

Felycia's custom-made brown satin dress had a v-neck and short sleeves.

Joey and Jessie were splendid in their outfits for Uncle Jack and Aunt Julie's wedding.  The custom-made ring bearer pillow featured a hanky from their great, great grandmother and Jessie's custom dark green satin 2-piece dress was adorned with a light green satin off-the-shoulder collar.

Lo and behold, my first wedding featuring all the wedding party dresses made by me.  I am next to my sister, Lori and my other sister, Bonnie, is beside Steve, the groom.  In front are my children, Corinne, Jack and Colleen.  Of couse, I also made the ring bearer pillow.  It will be 40 years this year (2014) since the October wedding.  (Lori made her own wedding dress with everyone's help to trim with pearls).


Simon was only a few months old when his uncle got married.  What self-respecting baby wants to wear a tuxedo when he could be wearing a soft white onesie trimmed with a black satin bow tie and black satin pants striped with white satin ribbon.


We have lots of pretty dresses at Tiny Threads Boutique to choose from.


How about a special dress for a Fall wedding!  Custom ivory satin petal dress with autumn leaves for a unique statement.


Dresses and tuxedos can be ordered in as little as a 2-week turnaround time.


Lauren's white satin dress with organza tiers and ruffles made her the bell of the ball.


Nicolas was dashing in his white tux.




The perfect outfit for a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower.  The little flower girl will be proud to wear such an outfit.  Custom tutu and jeweled flower girl shirt.


We can order flower girl shirts in white and pink, short sleeves, long sleeves and tank tops.  We also have Bride to Be, Bride, Bridesmaid, Junior Bridesmaid and other combinations as well as ring bearer.


Custom-made tuxedo ring bearer pillow fashioned of champagne satin with a bow tie and ribbons for the rings.



Not everyone has a theme wedding, but when you do, Tiny Threads is the place to go.  We have done many fun theme weddings.  Here are some:


Abbi (Lady Abbinor) was a junior bridesmaid in a Renaissance wedding.  Her gown was white satin with a pink organza overlay and bell sleeves.  Her custom veiled hat completed the outfit.


OMG!!  A spooky flower girl.  Gwyn was all spiders, webs and black and orange tulle in her white satin petal dress.